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Best Thai Massage in Boston.

For a truly authentic Thai massage visit the highly trained and skilled experts at Wellness Therapeutic Thai Massage. We have studied and taught Thai massage for more than a decade and can use our knowledge to treat your stress and general body pain. Our various massage techniques will help you gain optimum mental strength, fitness and energy balance. We stress health and wellness in our facility. You will feel refreshed, revived and most importantly, relaxed after just one session.

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Interested in learning about Thai Massage? We have extensive experience teaching Thai Massage and offer all levels of instruction.

Don’t be shy. Contact us for more information in learning Thai Massage.

Popular Treatments

Therapeutic Combination Massage

Using a combination of strokes and acupressure techniques for increased energy flow and stretching to reduce fatigue and release tight muscles while improving blood circulation, relaxing the muscles and creating an overall feeling of well being. Combination Massage combines the best of many techniques to provide an unmatched massage experience. Massage can be customize to your preference.

What others say about us

I had my first massage with Sangthip several years ago and it was the the best I’d ever experienced, by far. Very caring and easy to talk with. Every session is slightly different (because she identifies what is currently tight or knotted) and the quality is always top notch. I especially like the careful stretching techniques she uses and my flexibility has improved as a result. A true professional with top quality table and linens. Best in the Boston area!

Davis Square
Montana H.

My body almost reacts instantly to the smells and warmth. Nothing helps me relax more after a hard day than a peaceful massage. [Wellness Therapeutic Massage] are the best.

Montana H.Allston

Anna is an exceptional massage therapist. For 90 minutes, I felt like she knew what my sore body needed. Stretching, pulling, her massage skills are wonderful and it’s no surprise that she used to be a teacher of massage therapy. She’s also very friendly and wonderful to talk to in general. I felt so much better for a long time after my massage was over. She just seems to be very instinctive and very much in tune with the client’s body and physical issues. Just a great experience and highly recommended indeed.

Davis Square

Anna knows she is good, she knows that she is excellent, but I don’t think she knows fully how healing her massage is. Anna is a 95 pound, nice, and kind lady. She just stands and delivers. Over and over. Time after time. If there is any negative- and it is not negative to the client- Anna may over extend herself. She works early, she works late, she’s there for the client.


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Almost nothing shows someone how much you care for them like a gift of health and relaxation. Massage gift cards are great for birthdays, Mother’s and Father’s day. Actually they are great for pretty much any holiday.